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Welcome to Sub Saharan Drilling

Sub Saharan Drilling was formed in early 2013 and is focused on delivering quality boreholes to NGOs, UWA and communities, as well as test hole drilling for mining companies in the region. The drill used is air rotary and both compressors and drill have been completely overhauled in early 2013.

Steve Berry, Managing Director of Sub Saharan Drilling, created the foundation for the company and Lukas Leuthold has taken over day to day operations. Lukas has over 4 years of working experience in Uganda.

The team working for Sub Saharan Drilling has been carrying out borehole drilling for the past 8 years primarily in the northern, eastern and western regions of Uganda and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We have highly experienced technicians, drilling operators and support workers. Our dedicated highly skilled technicians are always available for resolving complex drilling problems. We have professional geologists and surveyors for pre and post drilling surveys and analysis.

The drilling team which worked for ADT Africa and is now working for Sub Saharan Drilling has completed work for the following international NGOs over the past 7 years:

MSF Holland
World Vision
World Food Program
Brasserie Simba DRC
Global H2O
Mercy Corps
Action Against Hunger
Lutheran World Federation
International Medical Corps
German Agro Action

We have also delivered work in the districts of Pallisa, Kitgum, Pader, and Lamwo ofr the government.

It is important to emphasize that the clear difference is the change in management, with many more years of international business experience and understanding of how to run and maintain a business while keeping its clients extremely satisfied with work completed.